Long Story, Short

First up thanks to the chat room stalwart, Steve for the continued assistance on my botting exploits. I have a better idea where I'm going now though today's discussion during the hectic afternoon racing has flagged up a number of issues that, though not directly related to the programming task in hand, affects it none the less.

My little server that I have set aside to run all these tasks, as well as other facilities, is based on the Linux distro, SMEServer. This distribution is designed as a Microsoft Small Business Server alternative aimed at, yes you guessed it, small businesses.

I've been installing this in client offices for ages as it is quick to install with little in the way of settings to be specified. It is easy for the client to administer through it's web interface without the need for network/server administration knowledge. It includes everything a small business would need - email, gateway, web server, print server etc, and, through the use of Samba, acts as a Windows NT Server Domain Controller thus making it ideal for integrating into a Windows desktop environment.

As the distro is targeted at Windows based users, it is, in many respects like MS SBS in that its configuration is hidden from users and it uses templates to establish the configuration of its services. Because of this, much of its directory structure is different from what would be a normal Linux install. As such, configuration outside the SMEServer 'norm' is awkward at best, automatically overwritten at worst.

This has never been an issue for my clients but it's one I've discovered today as part of this project. So, before I go too far down the road, I'm going to bite the bullet and wipe SMEServer and install a 'normal' Linux server box, where I have complete control over its configuration and the services that it provides. That will be interesting as I've never done that before, but I do not envisage any issues. Famous last words :)

In the meantime, the botting will be on hold, if only for a little while.

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