Simply The Worst

Go on. Admit it. You saw that post title and you couldn't help but have a certain tune by Tina Turner pop into your head. Be warned, it will be with you all day now.

Today saw what was probably the worst single day in the life of the lay system. In the first six races I got involved in, I managed to find four winners. After the first two hours, the lays were down some 25 pts. Fortunately they rallied a little in the later races, but there was still a significant dent in the running total for the month, which has dropped by over 30% since yesterday.

Poor days are only to be expected of course and over the long term the lay system continues to perform. I could do without the hits being quite so dramatic.

As for my programming exploits, progress has been slow. I was up to 3:30 this morning trying to get my head round the Betfair API Framework for PHP available from the developer's forum. I can't say I got anywhere. A combination of poor documentation, unfamiliarity with PHP and SOAP (no not that kind!), a long term dislike of programming and an ageing brain that isn't as quick at picking things up as it used to be.

Somehow I suspect progress will continue to be slow.


geoff said...

Hi- Great blog and one that I’ve followed for a while. I’ve set my own up and it would be greatly appreciated if you could add mine to your blogroll. I’ve deliberately waited a while before sending this request so that I can show you I’m not a “flash in the pan” blogger”!

Alistair said...

No problem Geoff. I'll see to it some time this week.

Alistair said...

All done and dusted Geoff. You'll find the link on the Links page funnily enough.