Swings And Roundabouts

A new month and another assault on the exchanges. Some things though haven't changed. I'm still trading the pre-race markets with the same carelessness that has plagued me all week. A combination of bad entry points, bad decisions and extraordinarily slow reactions. I am getting old though, not too mention senile, so I do have an excuse for the third one.

I've also developed the rather nasty habit of throwing away big chunks of money in the last race of the meeting. Very annoying, though I suppose the solution is obvious - don't trade them!

Fortunately, other areas performed well and more than made up for the poor pre-race display.

First up, the lay system started off with a stunning return of +18 points. In many ways this was not a huge surprise as, you may have noticed from the Lay System Analysis forum thread, none of today's courses are among the ten worst performers. Indeed, Wolverhampton is the second best course in terms of profit. Having said that, 18 points in a day is bordering on the exceptional.

Secondly, I had a successful dobbing treble today. Regular readers will recall that I have been using greened up trading profit each day to fund an attempt at a treble of runners that halve in price in-running. As mentioned in the September Summary post from yesterday, I decided to change tact a little for October.

Only waiting until I had greened up profit meant that I was missing good dobbing opportunities as my trading hasn't been great in the past week or so. In fact, I'd only managed 3 attempts. Not only that, by insisting I only used profit if I managed an all green race to the tune of £10 or more meant that, subconsciously at least, I may have been putting undue pressure on my pre-race trading.

So, as of today, I set aside a small bank of £100 which would give me ten attempts. The first was today which came in nicely.

First up was 'Titus Gent' in the 3:30 at Linfield. I backed it at 7.00 and it went on to win. I then followed that with 'Romantic Queen' in the 6:15 at Wolverhampton. A back at odds of 9.00 was easily hedged at 4.50 as it went on to come 3rd trading at 1.38 in the process.

I've become accustomed to withdrawing the original £10 stake before entering the 3rd leg. It ovbiously means less profit if it wins, but it means that I'm playing with profit and therefore cannot lose anything from the treble. So, instead of £38, I used £28 to back 'Leyte Gulf' @ 10.5 in the 6:45 at Wolverhampton. Again, this traded at 1.38 in-running and the treble was complete.

So my small bank has grown from £100 to £154.63. Here's to more of that as the month progresses.

Despite a poor pre-race trading performance on my part, a decent profit to start the month, and that after all, is what it is all about.

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