November 2010 Summary

It has been an interesting month. One in which I abandoned all pretence of being able to trade the pre-race markets. I didn't touch them at all, other than over the past couple of days where boredom got the better of me and I slipped into old habits and paid for it.

My time was spent on the laying system, which, as regular readers will know, started off in a quite stunning fashion only to hit an equally stunning losing streak. Fortunately it has recovered a little and after today's races, finishes the month on a miserly +4.80 points.

Six Months In

Well, the lay system is now six months old and it is drawing to a close as far as posting its progress on the blog is concerned.

Despite being a somewhat roller coaster of a ride this month, since I started monitoring progress, and ultimately putting my hard earned cash down, it has amassed 358.97 points. I'm absolutely delighted with that performance I can tell you, and bodes well for the future.

There's still plenty of analysis to do, and getting the data gathering and selection process automated has helped enormously in freeing up significant chunks of my time to do it. I'd particularly like to establish how prone the system is to variations in race type, race course, race quality etc. If I can eliminate some of these areas where winners are more prone to arise it will help enormously.

Into The Red

It is not often I've had to post a negative number in the sidebar for the Lay System's running total, but it happened today as it continued its dramatic fall from grace. One of the culprits was, yet again, Wolverhampton. Fortunately, after recent days, I decided to leave the race track well alone so I didn't suffer financially, though I've still recorded the total as if I did.

I've just had a quick look over my records spanning back nearly six months when I started investigating this system. I've managed to lay a total of 11 winners at the Wolverhampton track. 7 of them have happened in the past 9 days! An incredible statistic that helps to illustrate what an exceptional period it has been.

I think I'll continue to avoid any financial involvement in meetings at that track until I see some indication that it is returning to something like normality.

Back To Square One

The shockingly bad run that the lay system started a week ago has continued throughout the week and, after tonight's meeting at Wolverhampton, sees the system near enough back at zero. To think it was sitting at 57 points only 8 days ago demonstrates how dramatic a reversal it has been. Having said that, getting to 57 points as quickly as it did was equally dramatic.

That Time Of Year

It's that sad time of year again folks when we think of the children. Sad because we shouldn't need to have events such as Children in Need. Sadly, there's still far too many youngsters and their support organisations that need a boost so it is important to do what we can.

To this end, I'd like to draw your attention to the excellent initiative being run by The Geek, developer of 'The Toy'...

EVO 3.0 Now Available

RacingTradersThe latest version of EVO from RacingTraders is now available for download. Not only that, the full version is completely free for the first seven days to allow users to try out the software and the major addition to its functionality - Training Mode.

Training Mode allows you to test new strategies, get a feel for the software and experiment with the built in tools without risking real money. While operating in Training Mode, EVO behaves in exactly the same way as it does in the real market and would prove a valuable tool for beginners and experienced users alike, but with some caveats.

There's nothing like using real money to focus the mind. Training Mode doesn't use real money. The figures displayed in the grid and ladder are real enough. They are taken directly from Betfair. The money that you put in is not. There's no guarantee that the money you put in while 'training' would be matched for real. Therefore, I'd advise the following...

Painful Weekend

The aforementioned mid-month draw down continued today with three out of five lays winning their race.

The past three days has seen the lay system plummet from around 57 points to under 10 in the worst and sharpest losing run it has endured in nearly six months. I've had 16 lays in the past three days and I've managed to find a winner in eight of them. Not the best sequence I've ever managed.

Over that six month period the system is well in profit so there's no need to panic. Past experience has shown that things tend to pick up in the second half of the month. Here's hoping the fightback starts tomorrow.

Mid-month Draw Down

As I mentioned in my last post, there seems to be a trend, from memory anyway, where the lay system hits a sticky patch in the middle of each month. I really must take some time out to check my records and see if this really is the case or just my memory playing tricks. It will be interesting to see if there is some sort of pattern to it.

After such a great start to November, reaching a high of 57 points, it seems the draw down has commenced. I managed to lay three winning horses today. Add this to the one I found in the last race yesterday, and I can safely say it has been an expensive twenty four hours. Still, losing days are to be expected, and I'm still well up for the month.

What A Week!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I've been doing other things this week that has taken up much of my time. Unfortunately, I don't see that improving any time soon and the blog is one thing that will suffer because of it.

I have found the time to keep up with the lay system and, with 42 points in the bag, I'm delighted that I did. 42 points in 7 days, while very welcome, is exceptional so my feet are being kept firmly on the ground as it could easily be reversed next week.