Back To Square One

The shockingly bad run that the lay system started a week ago has continued throughout the week and, after tonight's meeting at Wolverhampton, sees the system near enough back at zero. To think it was sitting at 57 points only 8 days ago demonstrates how dramatic a reversal it has been. Having said that, getting to 57 points as quickly as it did was equally dramatic.

I was concerned a few months back that the picks that the lay system threw up would somehow not be suitable once the jump season got fully going. At first glance my fears seem to have been confirmed. However, when one considers that selections running at Wolverhampton have, since the start of the month, lost nearly 25 points all on their own, it is perhaps not quite as clear cut as I initially thought. Indeed, Wolverhampton races have cost the system over 29 points in the last 7 days.

This is particularly disappointing as Wolverhampton has consistently been in the top two most profitable tracks - by some margin I hasten to add. I haven't worked out why that would be the case, or if it is simply to be expected statistically. I've had 10 lays at the Wolverhampton track over the past week and I've managed to find 6 winners which is a particularly bad sequence.

Here's hoping that things pick up again soon.

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