EVO 3.0 Now Available

RacingTradersThe latest version of EVO from RacingTraders is now available for download. Not only that, the full version is completely free for the first seven days to allow users to try out the software and the major addition to its functionality - Training Mode.

Training Mode allows you to test new strategies, get a feel for the software and experiment with the built in tools without risking real money. While operating in Training Mode, EVO behaves in exactly the same way as it does in the real market and would prove a valuable tool for beginners and experienced users alike, but with some caveats.

There's nothing like using real money to focus the mind. Training Mode doesn't use real money. The figures displayed in the grid and ladder are real enough. They are taken directly from Betfair. The money that you put in is not. There's no guarantee that the money you put in while 'training' would be matched for real. Therefore, I'd advise the following...

1. If you 'train' with large stakes, you will get a false impression. In the real markets, those large sums would scare the market and not be matched. You wouldn't see that effect in 'Training Mode'. So, make sure the stake size you use is an order of magnitude smaller than the typical amounts that are coming into the real market. This will help negate getting a false impression of the success of the strategy you are testing.
2. Do not underestimate the power that real money has on the emotional side of trading. No matter how successful your strategy is when in 'Training Mode', make sure you continue to test it first with real money and slowly ramp up the stake size as confidence grows. Do NOT just jump straight in there.
3. Treat 'Training Mode' like the tool it is meant to be. A successfully tested strategy while training may lead to over confidence. Be wary of that when moving into the real world.

The Trading Mode functionality is just another tool within the software. It can provide another point on the graph of your trading experience... but it is only one point from many. Use it in that manner and you'll find it a useful feature.

There's been other enhancements to the software 'behind the scenes' with improved bet submission and a few minor issues resolved.

One final point. It remains the ONLY Betfair trading application that runs natively on Linux. EVO is actually developed on Linux. In my view, you should all be converting to Open Source anyway. EVO gives you another excuse to do so.

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