Painful Weekend

The aforementioned mid-month draw down continued today with three out of five lays winning their race.

The past three days has seen the lay system plummet from around 57 points to under 10 in the worst and sharpest losing run it has endured in nearly six months. I've had 16 lays in the past three days and I've managed to find a winner in eight of them. Not the best sequence I've ever managed.

Over that six month period the system is well in profit so there's no need to panic. Past experience has shown that things tend to pick up in the second half of the month. Here's hoping the fightback starts tomorrow.


PhilipH said...


Nasty, very painful. Hope things get better very soon.

Alistair said...

Sharp draw downs like that are never easy Phil, though having already made the profit to cover it eases the pain somewhat. It will get back on track soon enough.