Six Months In

Well, the lay system is now six months old and it is drawing to a close as far as posting its progress on the blog is concerned.

Despite being a somewhat roller coaster of a ride this month, since I started monitoring progress, and ultimately putting my hard earned cash down, it has amassed 358.97 points. I'm absolutely delighted with that performance I can tell you, and bodes well for the future.

There's still plenty of analysis to do, and getting the data gathering and selection process automated has helped enormously in freeing up significant chunks of my time to do it. I'd particularly like to establish how prone the system is to variations in race type, race course, race quality etc. If I can eliminate some of these areas where winners are more prone to arise it will help enormously.

Having said that, growth has been steady throughout the six months. There was a biggish dip mid-August which saw that month lose 8 points and regular readers will be aware of the sharp downturn suffered this month after an excellent start. Further analysis is required in order to see if those dips can be flattened, or at least made a bit shallower.

As I mentioned earlier, I've decided to stop showing the running progress on the blog come the end of the month. It has served its purpose and, given that I have no intention of divulging the details of what I've been doing, there isn't really any need to do so. Also, this month, I've implemented a different staking strategy which is yielding greater profits, but the change has made it awkward to make direct comparisons with what has gone before - other than the greater profits of course.

Now that I am happy using this system for real, I'll have to come up with some other trial to entertain myself with. Always worth exploring new possibilities, as the lay system has demonstrated.


Robin said...

I am glad this working out for you Alistair.

Like you I lost my way a bit with "pre-race trading"; thank goodness over the last month I have turned things around and gradually building the "bank" up again.

Good luck for the future.

Alistair said...

Thanks Robin. Glad to hear things have turned around for you. I don't know if I'll get back to pre-race horse trading. I won't discount the possibility but while other strategies are working for me, it makes sense to pursue them.