What A Week!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I've been doing other things this week that has taken up much of my time. Unfortunately, I don't see that improving any time soon and the blog is one thing that will suffer because of it.

I have found the time to keep up with the lay system and, with 42 points in the bag, I'm delighted that I did. 42 points in 7 days, while very welcome, is exceptional so my feet are being kept firmly on the ground as it could easily be reversed next week.

Indeed, the past few months have all started pretty well before suffering some draw down midway through prior to recovering somewhat. All to be expected with any system based betting scheme. The proof in the pudding is always in the long term.

I was reflecting the other day, and mentioned it in the chat room this afternoon, how much more relaxed I have been of late simply concentrating on the lay system and leaving pre-race trading well alone. Granted, being in profit may well have something to do with that.

I'm also enjoying the early finishes that comes with the darker evenings. It's great being able to relax in the evening without feeling the need to park myself in front of my computer until 9:00 pm.

Here's hoping for continued success if for no other reason than good mental health.


PhilipH said...

Good to read your 'more relaxed' post Ali. I'm not a bit surprised either as I found the concentration needed when I tried, unsuccessfully, to do a bit of trading, was just too much for my little grey cells to cope with.

Add to that the frustration one so often feels when the horse just backed drifts, or rather rushes, out - or conversely, when you lay at 3 and it immediately goes 2.5!!

That's life I guess, but it was not the life I felt at home with.

Your 42 points up is amazing! I do hope this is not a flash in the proverbial pan. Long may it flourish.

Regards, Phil

Alistair said...

Thanks Phil. All going well so far. The problem with any lay system of course is having a big enough bank to cover the inevitable draw downs while providing a decent return to make it worthwhile.

Just now, it's a case of reinvesting the winnings to slowly build the bank up to get it to the stage where I can withdraw some regularly. I won't be heading to the Aston Martin shop any time soon.