Still In Training

Despite the lack of decent racing this week, I continued my experiments with BetTrader Evolution's new training mode. The performance I reported in my earlier post, while not quite so dramatic, continued to the point where, after one week, I had amassed over £600 in 'paper profit'.

Apart from today, which was somewhat haphazard and very much reminded me of the way I normally trade the pre-race horse markets, the exercise has been quite enlightening. Keeping in mind the caveats I mentioned in my earlier post regarding training modes in software, I have learned a few things that hopefully point to where I might have been going wrong. The test of course will be when I return to the real world and try and implement what I have learned.

Bored Between Races?

Some light entertainment to fill the gaps...

Thanks to Herman in the chat room for providing the link.

EVO Training Mode

Regular readers will know that I haven't mastered the art of pre-race horse trading. Indeed, I've essentially given it up, at least for now, and barely done any for the past 6-8 weeks. Instead, I've been concentrating on laying and developing other system strategies. One problem with that however, is the boredom factor as races in which I have no interest, pass me by. It can lead to a long and frustrating afternoon.

With three meetings on this afternoon, I decided to look at those races where no lays where involved and see if I can put the training mode of Evolution 3.0 into practice.

Now, I should come clean up front. My feeling towards the artificial nature of training modes is somewhat ambivalent. Only once before have I tried such a tool. Some of you may be familiar with the BetIE application. Not the greatest software that I've ever used, and I don't even know if it is still available, but it had a trading mode in which I developed a number of strategies, which, when implemented for real, fell apart.

Heart Felt Plea

I've posted before about the benefits of Binarysoft BDI's combined ladder. Today saw another opportunity to put it into practice in a two horse race at Exeter. Apart from 2-3 races, I haven't traded any pre-race horse markets for more than a month, but these two runner races are so easy to trade with Binarysoft that I couldn't resist wheeling out my old favourite once more.