Heart Felt Plea

I've posted before about the benefits of Binarysoft BDI's combined ladder. Today saw another opportunity to put it into practice in a two horse race at Exeter. Apart from 2-3 races, I haven't traded any pre-race horse markets for more than a month, but these two runner races are so easy to trade with Binarysoft that I couldn't resist wheeling out my old favourite once more.

I have effectively given up on pre-race horse trading, but using Binarysoft for ten minutes this afternoon reminded me of what a great application it is. It is such a shame that it is no longer under development. Particularly as it is truly cross-platform and ideal for me as a Linux user.

It is clean, fast, innovative and a joy to use.

So, on the off chance that the owner/developer is reading this, PLEASE resurrect this excellent application or consider selling it as a going concern. Binarysoft BDI deserves to be used by the trading community. I for one would certainly make use of it.


Mets said...

It's funny Alistair but when I saw that two-horse race I immediately thought that you might be trading it!

Alistair said...

I couldn't resist Mets, it's the only time I can actually make money at it!