Still In Training

Despite the lack of decent racing this week, I continued my experiments with BetTrader Evolution's new training mode. The performance I reported in my earlier post, while not quite so dramatic, continued to the point where, after one week, I had amassed over £600 in 'paper profit'.

Apart from today, which was somewhat haphazard and very much reminded me of the way I normally trade the pre-race horse markets, the exercise has been quite enlightening. Keeping in mind the caveats I mentioned in my earlier post regarding training modes in software, I have learned a few things that hopefully point to where I might have been going wrong. The test of course will be when I return to the real world and try and implement what I have learned.

A return of £600 in a week would be completely unheard of by me if I was trading live. Consequently, it is important that I try and identify possible reasons why I've done so well while training.

First off, approximately 30%-40% of that profit was down to trading in running. Using £10 stakes and a 5 tick offset, listening to the commentary on WH Radio and sticking to (trying to) the first 60%-70% of the race I have found that trading in running is perfectly feasible. It reminded me very much of the greyhound market. Those volatile conditions were where I had been most successful.

With regard to the pre-race trading, I've been trying to trade only the last two minutes. In the past I always tried to trade in the 5-10 mins before the off - getting badly caught because of it. This issue was reaffirmed today as the long gaps between races frequently saw me revert, through boredom, to going in that early. As a result, I didn't do so well as I have been doing earlier in the week.

Also, I'm training with pre-race stakes of £100. The most I ever used in the real world throughout this year was £50. The lower the stake, the longer I was tempted to stay in the market in order to gain those extra ticks to achieve the same return. With a doubling of stake size, I'm not having to do that.

I'll continue the experiment, but it is becoming clear to me that there are areas I can address with regard to my pre-race trading which encourages me to give it another bash. Not only that, in-running trading opens up another area worthy of exploration. It will be interesting to see how they go.


spaced said...

hi Alistair

interesting in running startegy - do you use it frequently?
do you go for any analysis before or just get involved based on your personal (graph) feeling?


Alistair said...

It's just something I've been playing with recently while using the training mode facility of Evolution 3.0. It's far to early to say whether it would be successful long term.