So Much For That Idea

Having spent a month using EVO training mode developing an in-running strategy for horse racing, I find myself falling for the biggest drawback when going live.

No matter how much one is aware of the effect using real money has; no matter how many times one tells oneself to keep to the plan when using real money, the effect, albeit subconsciously, that using real money has on the decision making process means it can be virtually impossible to avoid doing things differently as a result.

This week, I went 'live' having spent a month using training mode and building up a near £2K paper profit.

Belated Happy New Year

There are many reasons why I loath the festive period, not least of which is my propensity for feeling poorly. This year was no different as a week before Xmas I managed to give myself food poisoning and spent the following two and a half weeks either shouting down the big white telephone or sitting on it. As you can imagine, the last thing on my mind was keeping the blog updated, so, let me wish you all...

A Happy New Year and a Very Prosperous 2011.