So Much For That Idea

Having spent a month using EVO training mode developing an in-running strategy for horse racing, I find myself falling for the biggest drawback when going live.

No matter how much one is aware of the effect using real money has; no matter how many times one tells oneself to keep to the plan when using real money, the effect, albeit subconsciously, that using real money has on the decision making process means it can be virtually impossible to avoid doing things differently as a result.

This week, I went 'live' having spent a month using training mode and building up a near £2K paper profit.

Right from the off, I was aware of being more tentative. That in itself was not an issue. What was a problem was the almost inevitable 'big hit' I took which essentially wiped out all profit that had been, or was about to be made that day. Still, On each day I finished with a profit, albeit a much smaller one than I should've had.

However, today took a turn for the worse in that, despite building up a nice £90 during much of the afternoon, I got caught big time in the 3:20 and lost £205. To compound the problem, I then screwed up the next and was hit for another £122! Not the best ten minutes of my trading career. Indeed, that represents my single biggest losing day, by a long way, since I started nearly three years ago.

Clearly, the emotional impact of using real money with this strategy, compared to training mode, has been too much for me. As a result, I'm putting a disappointing halt to this particular cunning plan until I can sort out this issue.

In the meantime, I shall stick to the lay system. At least I know that works.

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