Happy Anniversary!

On the 23rd Feb 2008 I stuck £10 in my Betfair account and set off on my trading journey. Three years on, I find it drawing to a close, at least in its current form.

Over half my profit over those three years was achieved in the first year. Since then it has been downhill to the point where, now, I'm just treading water. That's not to say I haven't been successful. I've bought a brand new car and paid off what was left of my mortgage thanks to trading. It was never meant to be a full time occupation though. Right from the start, it was meant to be a hobby; something to bring in a few extra pounds each month. It actually performed much better than expected, but as time has progressed, I have found myself putting in full time hours.

Oh sure, if I had suddenly found myself winning £200/day then yes, I may well have had a different outlook. As it is now though, over the past year, the rewards haven't justified the effort. Effort that would be better spent looking for 'proper' work and getting my career back on track.

As you may have noticed, the blog has been very quiet in the past couple of months as I wrestle with my plans for the future. The forum is dead, and for long periods I was talking to myself. Similarly, there are very few comments being posted - hardly surprising as I've had very little to say that might stimulate discussion. To be honest, I've lost much of my enthusiasm from those early days. As a result, the blog is likely to remain pretty dead. I won't be deleting it as the chat room is still used, albeit by a small band of people.

In the meantime, I shall be trying to get the whole thing back to what it used to be - a hobby that earned a few quid - while I start looking for work elsewhere. Not the best economic conditions to try and find employment, but needs must.

So I'm likely to be gone from here for sometime. As a result, don't expect any new posts from me any time soon. I won't be disappearing completely as I'll still be around in the chat room and the various forums. I would, however, like to thank all of you who have commented and offered support and encouragement over the years. It has been much appreciated.


HCE said...

Good luck with the future, Alistair.


Mark Iverson said...

Good luck for the future Alistair.

You've done really well and maybe taking a backward step will bring back your enjoyment (and the results) when you do get involved.

Just don't let yourself become dragged into punting!

All the best,


PhilipH said...

Nothing lasts for ever Ali. Life is short and spending hours glued to the crazy ever-changing 'ladders' is not an easy life, even if you're getting it right most of the time.
Best wishes in 2011 and beyond in a life not dependent on Betfair.
Cheers, Philinontal

Drifter said...

All the best for the future.


Robin said...

Good luck whatever you decide.