Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick

A while back, I started looking at a selection method for identifying home football teams that were of poor value. I posted these on the forum, but stopped doing so due to lack of interest. I did carry on making the selections for my own benefit and now, after a years worth of picks, I present the results here simply for the sake of completeness.

Based on data and analysis found at SoccerLotto, the picks covered teams in the English Premier League all the way down to the Blue Square North/South, the four Scottish leagues, as well as the main leagues in Europe/Scandinavia with a little Champions League thrown in for good measure. I won't go into the selection process. For that, I suggest you join SoccerLotto where you can get a free trial for a few weeks.

iPad Trading Software

Trading home and away? There's a new iPad app available for those gadget freaks out there.

Newly added to the Betfair certified applications list, BetTornado from JuiceStorm (remember them?) is a very interesting looking Betfair trading/betting application that iPad users may want to investigate, if for no other reason than it's FREE.

Any new trading software is always worth mentioning. It's not my cup of tea (my aversion to all things Microsoft extends to all things Apple), but I'm sure there are some of you that will lap it up. Now, if they were to do an Android version....