Course Specialists - Coming Soon

I've been running a thread over at SoccerLotto which monitors runners that tend to run well at today's courses. I'm looking for these to win, though they can be used for in-running trading. So far, since the beginning of April, it's sitting at a little over 70 pts profit.

I'm not always around when my server makes these selections and consequently I cannot post them until after the event. I've decided to make these selections available to the wider public as a trial and I've configured my server to automatically publish them to this blog. My server does its thing at 10am, so if there isn't anything here by 10:30, then there's no selections for the day. Alternatively, it might mean that I've configured something incorrectly, in which case, head over to SoccerLotto.

I'm not guaranteeing that these selections will be available indefinitely and I may halt this at any time. I'll just see how it goes.

Expect to see something happening from 23rd June - assuming my server finds any picks that day.

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