Course Specialists for 2011-06-30

Here's the course specialists for today. These are expected to run well and may be used for in-play trading. However, I am looking for them to win. Where there are more than one selection in a race, I'd consider dutching them.

16:00 Hayd - Ezdeyaad

Follow my course specialists thread at SoccerLotto.


Anonymous said...

Dude,I have enjoyed you blog for quite some time and I know you have struggled to make samething out of yor trading.. it is pitty but it is more pitty that now you your readers to join and pay for a service.

Alistair said...

Glad you have enjoyed the blog over the years. You seem to be under the wrong impression however.

I am not offering any kind of service, or charging for the selections posted here. People can do what they want with them. Indeed, I'm not putting any money on them. I'm simply running a paper trial which is being recorded on the SoccerLotto site. The ONLY reason that the course specialist picks are appearing here is so that readers of the thread on SoccerLotto are aware of what the selections are in those situations where I am unable to post them on SoccerLotto before the event. I chose to have my server post them on my blog, rather than inconvenience any SoccerLotto forum member to do the honours on my behalf.

Once the trial is finished, they won't be appearing here any more - unless people are going to pay me for them LOL!

As for the links to SoccerLotto, there's been one on my blog since the early days so its presence is hardly new. Irrespective of anything I post here or there, I'd recommend people give it a try. There's a free three week trial period and subscriptions costs around £1/week.

There's some great tips on there every day from professional and amateur punters alike.

In case you missed the link, here it is... SoccerLotto :)