Tennis Hedging Strategy - Wimbledon 2011

I've been meaning to give my Tennis Hedging Strategy another bash for a long time, but always seemed too busy to try it.

For this championship, I've waited until the last sixteen to make things altogether more manageable. As the original article describes, this method relies on the natural volatility found in the tennis in-play markets. Simply open your position before the start of the matches and place a closing hedge using Betfair's 'keep' facility and walk away.

On this occasion, I'm risking a liability of £10 on each of the men's fourth round matches with the hedge designed to give me an all green profit of 20% after commission. All profit will be carried forward on to the next round until we reach the final at which point I may remove my original stake.

I haven't decided if I'm going to do the same with the women's forth round.


Alistair said...

Oh why not? Women's last 16 been done as well.

Alistair said...

Well, that's the ladies all done and dusted. Unfortunately, one of the hedges didn't get matched so only £84 to carry forward to the next round.

Alistair said...

The men let the side down though with two bets failing to hedge leaving an overall loss of £8 and only £72 to carry forward to the next round.