Having Fun With The Conmen, Scammers and Cold Call Tossers

Nothing to do with trading, but worth flagging up in case readers haven't heard of this particular wheeze.

Last night I received a phone call from someone with a broad Indian accent, claiming to be from Microsoft support. She was trying to tell me that all the computers in my village had been targeted by a new virus. Just from that statement alone, there's things you should be aware of:

1. Microsoft support will never cold call you, so you know immediately that this call is bogus.
2. The idea that a virus would select to target all the computers in a town is laughable.

Given that I use Linux and don't go near Microsoft with a bargepole, her claims made me smile, even more so when she kept insisting that I was indeed using Windows :)

If you get a call like this, please hang up. More importantly, please tell those that are less computer savvy, that this is a scam.

However, me being me, I like to try and keep these cold call tossers on the phone as long as I can, if for no other reason than to run up their phone bill. The one last night was poor in that she was clearly reading from a check sheet, and if I asked her something she didn't understand simply repeated what she'd already said. I had hope she would direct me to imaginary Windows commands on my Linux box. Unfortunately, after repeating her opening gambit for a third time, she hung up.

My record for keeping someone on the line was 35 mins, when a salesman from an advertising firm tried to sell me business advertising and refused to believe that I neither wanted it or believed it would work for me. In the end he resorted to insults and eventually hung up.

He probably thought that was the end of it, but the next day I sent an email to their complaints department and later that day, I received a phone call from his boss apologising for his worker's behaviour. Better still, he put the tosser on the phone and made him apologise to me himself. LOL!

So, by all means have fun with these goons if you feel up to it, but on a serious note, please make sure your family and friends are aware of these calls so that they do not get scared into doing something they'll regret.


PhilipH said...

These scammers need to get hit by more people such as you Ali. They obviously must be conning plenty of gullible souls with this sort of nonsense and it's deplorable.
Thanks for the message. Phil

Alistair said...

The best thing folks can do to stop this is make sure they pass the word especially to family and friends who may not necessarily have the skills to realise what these calls are.

Never do as they ask and certainly, NEVER give out personal information over the phone. Legitimate companies won't cold call and won't ask for such details unless you called them.