New Chat Room Software

Just a quick announcement to introduce the new chat room software. The old one had started to play up. Cut/copy/paste had stopped working for many users and it kept crashing the flash plugin on the Chromium browser - despite it being Java based! It's replacement has been operational for nearly a week and it seems a lot more stable. Like the last one, you do not need to download any separate software other than standard Flash browser plugins.

It has some nice features over the previous one which was getting a little long in the tooth:

1. If opening the room via the popup button, it is no longer necessary to keep the chat room page on the blog open.
2. You can use the popup URL to create an 'application' in Chromium/Chrome browser which saves having to go into the blog chat room page at all.
3. URLs for images can be pasted into the chat room and a thumbnail of the image will appear with it. Clicking on it lets you see a larger image.
4. Much longer messages can be typed than the previous chat room.
5. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to log in to the chat room, as well as logging in as a guest or a Chatroll account (the chat room services are provided by Chatroll)

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