Laugh? I Nearly Passed My Fags Round!

I so hope this is true. The tears have been streaming down my cheeks since Herman posted the link in the chat room. Enjoy!

Scottish Football In Decline

With no further Scottish involvement in the European competitions this year, many are wondering what has happened to the beautiful game north of the border - as if this is a sudden development. I'm very sorry to say, Scottish football has been in decline for years.

Perhaps it is the Ally McLeod effect, but Scots always seem to think we should be mixing it with the big boys. Why? Other than the odd aberration, it's been a long long time since we even came close to doing that consistently.

The standard of football in Scotland is appalling. The skill levels of those playing in my homeland are woeful. The style of football is dire - route one works if you can pass accurately over the distance and have the skills to control the ball when it arrives, neither of which is in the skill set possessed by most players plying their 'trade' in Scotland.

More Of These Please

As mentioned in the chat room earlier today, Raktiman, a cracking long shot in the 18:40 at Wolverhampton, comes in at 46.0 BSP.

The lay system I have mentioned on here in the past also makes picks to back/dutch and today's winner is just one of many. Indeed, over the past 28 months worth of historical data, the system, although originally designed to pick lays, has produced a significantly better return for its back picks than its lays.

Long may it continue.

Practice, Practice, Practice

My horse lay/back system didn't flag up anything of interest yesterday, so I took the opportunity to exercise my sudden, new found enthusiasm for learning to trade football. I spent Sunday wading through a total of 13 football matches. Strangely enough, I was employing an idea of my own, rather than the strategies I mentioned in my previous post and available at Betting System Notes - I'm still reading through them all.

I was only paper trading this idea, watching the markets and getting a feel for how the odds move and whether or not the strategy is viable. The strategy looks to be in and out before half time, with the second half available for damage limitation if things go wrong.

Another Cunning Plan

Though perhaps not as cunning as "a fox that used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning".

You will no doubt have noticed the addition of a new graphic in the sidebar for Betting System Notes. This is a new service from Darren Hall of with two particular things of interest to me:

Time For Another Moan

On my soapbox again, so you've been warned!

Last year, at great expense, I had an architect draw up plans for alterations to my house - I'm combining the diningroom and the kitchen into one big room, before gutting the kitchen units and putting new ones in. We organised four different builders to give me quotes. Only one of them bothered to come out and see the job, the rest quoted based on the architect's drawings. All of them quoted ridiculously high figures, which I wasn't prepared to pay, particularly since much of the work was unskilled manual labour. I got the impression they didn't particularly want the work but thought they'd chance their arm in case I was gullible enough to accept their quote.

Beginning Of The End?

For some time now, I've maintained a minimum of £2K in my Betfair account. I'm been trying to build that up so that I could trade multiple events simultaneously with decent stake sizes.

Having got myself to just under £3K at the turn of the year, I promptly threw away over £800 over a series of mad trades in the cricket and in-running horse markets. Losses that I've struggled to recover from over the subsequent six months. The bank has continued to slowly edge downwards, and recently dropped below the £2K mark.

With this continuing decline, I've decided to change plans and remove £1000 from the account.