More Of These Please

As mentioned in the chat room earlier today, Raktiman, a cracking long shot in the 18:40 at Wolverhampton, comes in at 46.0 BSP.

The lay system I have mentioned on here in the past also makes picks to back/dutch and today's winner is just one of many. Indeed, over the past 28 months worth of historical data, the system, although originally designed to pick lays, has produced a significantly better return for its back picks than its lays.

Long may it continue.


PhilipH said...

What can I say?

Alistair said...

Thanks Phil. Always nice when those come in - and it's not the only one the system has flagged over the past two years. There's been 4 picks in the 40s, 1 in the mid 60s and 1 in the mid 70s, not to mention numerous in the teens and 20s.

It's interesting that the lay system I've been developing for over a year has, with a little tweaking, been able to identify picks to back/dutch in addition to those that should be laid. It's like getting two systems for the price of one.

It's such a pity that I do not have a big enough warchest (what a good word that is) to support £100 stakes rather than the £5 I currently use.