Time For Another Moan

On my soapbox again, so you've been warned!

Last year, at great expense, I had an architect draw up plans for alterations to my house - I'm combining the diningroom and the kitchen into one big room, before gutting the kitchen units and putting new ones in. We organised four different builders to give me quotes. Only one of them bothered to come out and see the job, the rest quoted based on the architect's drawings. All of them quoted ridiculously high figures, which I wasn't prepared to pay, particularly since much of the work was unskilled manual labour. I got the impression they didn't particularly want the work but thought they'd chance their arm in case I was gullible enough to accept their quote.

I subsequently contacted another supplier on the advice of my brother who works in the housing industry. This supplier was also able to install the full kitchen as well as to the building work. He came out for a look, took away the drawing, but never got back to me. I chased him for the quote, but he never returned my calls.

By this time, winter was upon us and I put it off until spring by which time I'd decided to do much of the manual work myself.

Once it came to the point I needed some expertise, I contacted someone else who was recommended by a neighbour. He said he'd call back after he returned from holiday. Nothing! I called him after I returned from my holiday. I'm still waiting!

Over a week ago, another supplier was recommend to me. He came out, took measurements and promised to get back with a quote. Again, I'm still waiting!

It's over a year since I started this project and I'm still waiting for someone in the building trade to actually do what they say they'll do. Are they all so busy that they can refuse work? I wouldn't mind if they simply got back to me and told me they weren't interested. It's as if they don't want my money!

In the meantime, my daughter and I are living in a building site, with all the kitchen/dining room furniture piled high in the living room. To say I'm not a happy chappie is an understatement!

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PhilipH said...

Hmm ... always a tricky business getting builders quotes, and even trickier to get a reliable firm once the quotes have come in.
When I was doing a big renovation of a house I bought in Lincolnshire I went to the local council offices in the town hall and got a list of local building firms from them and it worked out exceedingly well.
OK, might have been lucky to choose the right firm in the end but the list was a good starting point.
Might be worth a punt in your area?
Good luck in your search