Another Fairbot Trial

Some time ago I investigated running Fairbot on my Linux box using the Windows compatible API provided by Wine ('Wine is not an emulator'). The installation on Linux procedure for Fairbot, and it's Betdaq sister application, Daqbot, is one of the more popular posts on the blog.

Despite that trial installation, I never actually used it in anger, though I did use Daqbot a fair bit earlier in the year. With my new strategies and moving away from pre-race horse trading, I found Daqbot provided me with the facilities I needed. Unfortunately, Betdaq didn't, due to its lack of liquidity. Hence my renewed look at Fairbot.

First impressions are positive. It looks pretty old fashioned now when compared to more recent trading applications, though I quite like the retro feel it has. I have been playing in the pre-race markets for small stakes simply to spend lots of time getting a feel for what it is doing and certainly not as yet another attempt to get into these markets.

I'm sticking to my backing and laying strategies in the horse markets thank you, and they are progressing very well. I'll be looking at other strategies as I go. To that end, the excellent dutching tool will meet my needs nicely.

Any trading on the ladder interface will be in the football markets. Something I've been wanting to get into for ages, and I'm finally getting off my backside to do something about it.

Assuming the trial goes well, and I see no reason why it shouldn't, I'll pay for a year subscription. Sounds an unusual thing to do when there are free trading applications out there. Well, they don't run on Linux and Fairbot does. Enough said.

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