You Couldn't Make It Up

Earlier in the year I posted my intention to give up self-employment and look for a proper job. With the state of the economy, finding suitable employment has been very difficult. The latest body blow has been delivered by a recruitment agency.

Despite having a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering; despite being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Professional in the Internet and a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist in Excel; despite my excellent communication skills having presented numerous technical seminars all over Europe and trained hundreds of people in a variety of software applications; despite excellent troubleshooting and business process analysis skills; despite that and much more, the recruitment agency more or less told me I'm unemployable!!!!

I suspect it is down to my age (I'm 50 in January) coupled with the fact I've been working part-time for the past eight years as I took on the role of single parent. Still, if they think I've got no hope, they really should meet some of my clients.

One long term client has been told by me for over a decade that the IT skills in the firm - from the top down to the bottom of the tree - are woeful. Over that time, there's been no improvement. Only recently I had to show one user how to maximise a window and tell another, for the umpteenth time, that Word cannot read PDF files.

The latest wheeze is the drive by the directors towards a paperless office. They've assigned a member of staff to scan all incoming documents and send the resulting PDF to the director concerned as an email attachment. This can all be handled quite easily by the printer/scanner combo that they have.

Imagine my amusement then when the user was busy scanning in the documents received that day only to watch them reappear as the corresponding director printed them out as the emails came in.

Nope, you couldn't make it up.


Harry Fox said...

Unemployable! Alistair you have a great asset, experiance, an IT background and a very good knowledge of betting / trading.
Drop me a line and don't listen to the idiots.
I maybe able to help or at least give you a few contacts to keep you busy and away from the scanner.

Alistair Hamilton said...

Hi Harry. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Employers just don't know what they are missing!

I'll drop you a note when I get the opportunity over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fact that you are an odious,obnoxous bell end is why you are on the rock and roll and are unable to get a job in a candy floss shop.
You need to take a long hard look at yourself,i have never in all my life come accross a "so up your own back passage" merchant than you.