Deal Or No Deal?

Does anyone else get hacked off hearing the Deal Or No Deal theme tune being played on a continuous loop whenever you load up the in-play coupon for the day when logged in to Betfair?

You can if you want, block that nonsense from appearing in your browser by adding the following line to your 'hosts' file:

You may need to restart your browser and/or reload the page as well as clear the cache.

Note, that this blocks everything from which is where the arcade stuff comes from. Instead, your browser may display something like 'Web page not found' in the section of your browser where this content appears. If this is an issue, or you like to get involved in the arcade games etc, then this fix will be a no deal for you. Instead, turn your volume down :)

For me, it's a deal. Job done!


mully1 said...

Thanks for that Taralh0k0 . It's been doing my nut in :)

Alistair Hamilton said...

You are welcome. It's not the ideal solution as it does affect other parts of the site, but like you, it was doing my head in too so this was a quick fix to block it.

Ideally, Betfair should be designing a site that doesn't force such crap on its users. Fat chance I suppose given their customer relations history.

James said...


Great blog. I have just started a new Betfair Challenge blog and wondered if you'd like to exchange links??



- said...

Hi mate, love the blog. Could I have a link exchange please?



Alistair said...

@James and Josh

Sorry for not getting back to you. I've been very busy this week and just catching up with blog comments.

I'll stick up links later this week.


Alistair Hamilton said...

@James and Josh

I finally got around to posting your links which you will find, not surprisingly, on the links page.

Anonymous said...

Hes been too busy looking for a job ,,,lol
He is perfecting his pitch "Would you like to go large on your meal" PMSL