Trigger Happy

I came across this technique the other day, where back bets are triggered by falling odds in-running.

The trader was using Evo, which I don't. Fairbot is the only other trading application I've managed to get working under Linux - and the developers have vowed to continue supporting it under Linux. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a triggering mechanism like that shown in the video.

So, emboldened by the bot writing I've been doing, I decided to write my own 'trigger bot'. It's still a bit of a Heath Robinson, rough and ready beast, but I'll put it to the test today. It will only fire in the back bets. I'll use Fairbot to trade out initially, if at all.

Given that Fairbot will be running concurrently, there's a potential issue with data charges, but as the bot will be using the free API, I've calculated that I should be OK. Fingers crossed.

I'm more concerned that the throttling of the API calls by the free API will mean that the market will have gone well past my desired entry point by the time the code recognises that the trigger has been reached. Consequently, back bets might not be taken until the runner is drifting again.

A case of 'suck it and see' for the next couple of days.