Good Customer Service

I can't believe this is the first time I've posted since last June and only a handful of posts in the past year. I've been so busy doing other things that this blog has, I'm sorry to say, been somewhat neglected. I'm afraid that situation won't change much any time soon though I will endeavour to put a bit more time into it.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to show my appreciation for the support I received from the developers of Fairbot.

As regular readers will know (assuming they are still around) I use Linux as my preferred operating system and Fairbot is the only trading application that is still supported for operation on my favourite OS.

A new version was released recently with which I had a problem. It was hogging the CPU, causing the cooling fan to go into overdrive. A quick email to the developers, Binteko, and the issue was resolved within twenty four hours.

It is always good to see great customer service, but especially so when developers are supporting products that run on Linux.

Pay a visit to Binteko and check out Fairbot.


PhilipH said...

Hi Ali, what a surprise to see you pop up on Blogger.
How goes it with the trading? Or is that not a good question? Good luck anyway.

Alistair said...

Hi Phil

I trust all is well with you.

I'm not trading much these days. Could never get the hang of the horses and have essentially given up pre-race horse trading.

I'm more into automating various betting strategies these days and trusting to the gambling gods. It provides a mechanism for me to learn some new technologies while satisfying the hobby.

I needed to take time out a year ago so didn't blog much and never really got back into it. I still frequent the chat room on a regular basis though.