Betfair Graphs

Looking at multiple Betfair graphs within Fairbot is rather cumbersome and takes up a lot of screen real-estate. Besides, I prefer to use the Fairbot graphing functionality to view the streaming graph of the runner I'm interested in.

Still, it's useful to be able to look at all the Betfair graphs at once to get a quick overview of the market so I quickly knocked up a little web page to do the job for me. It's a bit rough and ready at the moment, but it does the job.

A quick nod to my old chat room chum Steve who showed me his version ages ago and I'm only now getting around to doing my own.


gnome mage said...

been to the chat room a few times but u werent there. :(

Alistair said...

Sorry to have missed you gnome.

I'm only in the chat room during the afternoon racing, though I have been absent even then recently what with Easter school holidays and work commitments.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you know of a tutorial for putting the charts page together - it is something im looking at doing also but finding it difficult.

Alistair said...

I am sorry I don't have a tutorial for putting the charts page together. The page simply consists html links to each graph.

If you look at the Betfair site, open up a race and then click on the graph icon for a runner to bring up the graph. Right-click on the graph and choose 'Copy Image URL' and paste it into your browser address bar, you'll see that is of the form:

Note, this is all on one line, but I've wrapped it hear so that it fits.

The important thing is the marketId and selectionId numbers.

The easiest way to retrieve these is to use the free API. Then build your webpage by programmatically looping through the selectionIds for the race and creating html code in the form above for each runner.