Horse Race Bot Scripts For Sale - Any Interest?

I have a number of php based scripts that run on my server automatically and are used to retrieve past horse race results as well as data for the races being held that day. Additional calculations are made and recorded for future analysis.

All the data is recorded in a MySQL database.

The main scripts consist of the following:

  1. GetTodaysHorseRaceRunners.php - This pulls in the event information via the free API and sticks them into a temporary table in the database. It also scrapes the TimeForm race card for additional information.
  2. SessionManagement.php - As the various scripts are running most of the day, this keeps the session alive.
  3. GetPreOffPrices.php - This records the pre-off prices for each race at one minute intervals from 5 mins out.
  4. GetBetfairData.php - This downloads the horse race results for the previous day, copies that data into the database and calculates the 8 lowest recorded odds in running. This provides very useful analysis material for a number of strategies such as 'Lay The Field'.

These four scripts are scheduled to run automatically at set times each day. The first runs in the morning, collecting all the data used by subsequent scripts. The 2nd and 3rd fire up ten minutes before the first scheduled race and continue until the last race of the day. The 4th runs late in the evening.

There's a whole host of other scripts that I do not run all the time, including one for finding course specialists and potential dobbers as well as the one for displaying the graph for each runner in a race as discussed in an earlier post.

Though all these scripts are in a usable state for me, many of them would need 'tidying up' before I made them available to the public.

I'm proposing to sell these scripts as well as the database design. First though, I need to establish if there's any interest. If not, then there's no need for me to think about tidying things up for public release.

Please let me know by posting a comment below. If the interest is there I'll be encouraged to get them prepared for release and subsequent sale in two or three months.


Steve said...

Doubt you'll have too much luck Al, I remember giving some scripts to a guy a while back who hadn't used php. Was a nightmare as I had to go thru all the hassle of setting up apache/mysql etc on his PC and giving him a quick rundown on php.

I think anyone capable of using php and already having apache/mysql installed will probably be quite capable of writing or already have their own scraping/API scripts.

Alistair said...

I think you are probably right Steve. No harm in asking the question though.