Back V Lay 24 Sept

Just the one for today...



These picks should be backed if you can get decimal odds of 2.00 or over.
They should be laid if their odds are at 1.90 or under.


PhilipH said...

Hi Alistair, hope life is treating you as well as poss.

I've seen you three postings of late but I'm a tad mystified, which is not unusual pour moi.

Is this new system of yours in code, or what? Salisbury today: not a racecourse and no such animal due to run anywhere. Can you enlighten this old duffer?

Good luck and good health.

Alistair said...

Hi Phil

Plodding along as usual though not trading much. I've been renovating my house since last May so no time for the horses.

The Back or Lay picks I've been putting up are for footy, not horses and use a selection method I had a look at a couple of years ago but didn't develop further due to lack of time.

With the lay selections having a poor time of it recently it may be better that you remain mystified.