Trading App For Android

Having read an excellent review in the latest edition of the MicroMart computing magazine, I've just ordered one of the new Hudl tablets from Tesco. At £119 for a 7" tablet purchasing a Hudl was described as a no-brainer by the reviewer.

To be honest, I've never had any intention of buying a tablet. Having played with my daughter's Samsung, I cannot say I've been struck down in excitement. Complete hype if you ask me.

So why have I relented?

The clincher was that the Hudl qualified for Tesco's double up voucher scheme. I had £45 worth of unused Clubcard vouchers sitting in my account, so, in effect, I got it for £74 - an even bigger no brainer. I just need to find some sensible uses for it now other than catch up TV.

There's one thing that I will use it for; a replacement remote for my smart TV. It will make it much easier to use the TV for browsing the Internet thanks to the LG Android app available in the Google Play Store.

The other obvious role, given that this blog is supposed to be about trading/gambling rather than consumer electronics advice, is to put the tablet to use as a tool for betting in-play while I'm watching live sports.

To that end, if anyone can recommend any Android based trading apps for Betfair and Betdaq I'd be grateful.


PhilipH said...

I'd be interested to know what your opinion of the HUDL is Ali.

What's the screen resolution like?
Is the camera OK?
Does the battery keep going for, how long?

Best of luck if you have a punt whilst Hudl-ing.

Cheers Phil

Alistair said...

It is yet to be delivered Phil.

The review I read was very good. The main cons were perhaps the cameras weren't great and neither was the sound - though why anyone would expect a great sound quality from a tablet is beyond me.

But given the cost, not to mention the additional saving if you have Tesco Clubcard vouchers lying around, the review felt that these cons were insignificant.

I'll let you know once I've had a chance to play with it.