Using BetTrader Evolution From Any Device

Please note that I do not use BetTrader Evolution so this is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation. You should make up your own mind if this software meets your trading requirements by downloading the BetTrader Evolution software and trying it yourself.

These instructions are for the installation of the software on a Linux based server, specifically, one running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. The instructions will be much the same for other versions of Linux. Also, the basic principle of using Evolution in this mode will apply to any Windows based installations - just note that I have no intention of testing this on Windows.

1. Log in to your Linux server either directly or through an SSH terminal session.

2. Download the software by typing in the following command:


3. Type the following and press ENTER:

tar -xvf bettrader_ubuntu.tar

(Note that you should change ubuntu to the Linux distro name you have downloaded if different)

The software is now installed on your server, however, you may need to modify one of the javascript files that make the software work.

4. Open the following file in your favourite text editor:


5. Using the find and replace commands, search for all occurrences of and replace it with the IP address of your server then save the file.

Before you can access BetTrader Evolution from any device on your network, you must start the Evolution server service. This can be done from your SSH terminal session

1. Type in the following and press ENTER:

cd ~/BetTraderEvolution

2. Type in the following and press ENTER:


You should get the following message appearing in your terminal window:

BetTrader Evolution is running.
Launch your browser and visit to start trading.

You are now ready to run Evolution from any device on your network by loading up its web browser. However, don't use the http://127.0.01:9080 as indicated by the above message. Instead, substitute the with your server's IP address.

Note, to save you the hassle of having to start and stop the BetTrader Evolution service on your server each time, you could, theoretically have it running permanently. Just remember to log off when you are done trading.

Any device with a web browser installed and remote access to your server should be able to use BetTrader Evolution. Just keep in mind that screen real estate on a smart phone or tablet will be severely limited.

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