Best Laid Plans?

Continuing my investigations into other markets, I find myself increasingly drawn to those with only two outcomes. As a result, darts is one of those sports I'm targeting along with limited over cricket, tennis and snooker. There are others, but I think that's enough to be getting on with.

With the PDC Players Championship currently being shown on ITV4 this weekend, I spent yesterday paper trading the matches while watching the action. Other than the odd game in the pub - a long time ago when I used to frequent such establishments - darts has never attracted me as a sport. Judging by what I witnessed on Friday, I've been missing out on some excellent entertainment.

My paper trading went well enough to encourage me to get involved for small stakes during the second round matches this afternoon and evening. Needless to say, I promptly lost on the first three games. A combination of me being greedy and the matches being so one-sided (the complete opposite of what I'd seen the previous round) which meant that the positions I took were always going to be difficult to get out of.

Having said that, in two of those losing matches I had the opportunity to green up for a reasonable ROI but I didn't. Greed set in.

After giving myself a wrap on the knuckles and adjusting my expectations somewhat, the remaining four matches I took part in all returned a profit. I'm still down on the tournament, but I'm quickly homing in on a strategy that I believe will be profitable long term as well as identifying those matches I should be leaving alone.

I confess, I'm finding myself enjoying these new avenues. Even though I'm essentially starting again from scratch, exploring new sports while learning their markets on Betfair, I am enthused about trading again. Something I had lost for quite a while when concentrating on the horse markets.

I'm still spending far too much time in front of a computer screen, but I think that is a necessary sacrifice while getting to grips with new markets. Hopefully, that will lessen over time....

Who am I kidding?

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