Cricket Trials Continue

Bangladesh v New Zealand T20
Bangladesh v New Zealand T20
Continuing with my cricketing exploits today with a foray into the world of T20.

When looking at the graph for New Zealand with two overs left in the match it is clear that there were loads of excellent trading opportunities to be had. Yet I only came away with 10p!

I'm not really sure how, other than lack of patience. Having come from faster trading markets such as pre-race horses I think it will take me a while to get used to the much greater timescales. The more I watch and get involved in these markets to small stakes, the quicker that confidence will come.

I was certainly out far too soon having laid New Zealand at the start of the second innings - in that first sub 1.10 dip in the graph. A lesson learned and I'll grit my teeth a little harder next time.

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