A Trip Down Memory Lane

With the kids packed off to spend Christmas with others I've had the day to myself and little to do. A new version of Fairbot was released yesterday so I thought I'd spend some time familiarising myself with the updated facilities.

Betfair markets were thin on the ground today and I found myself spending the afternoon with the dogs. It was like visiting a long lost friend.

It's been some time since I ventured into the greyhound markets. Those of you who have read some of my older posts may recall that I did rather well in the dog markets when I first started this malarkey. I moved on to other things as I found myself spending 9-10 hours a day watching and trading the dog markets. Although I made some decent returns they didn't justify the effort I was putting in.

Utilising some of the new functionality in Fairbot I spent the afternoon dutching the dog markets rather than trading them. Using variable liabilities  between 1-10 points I finished the day 22 points up losing 5 out of 13 races and a ROI of some 29%.

I'm very happy with that return and certainly keen to try the strategy out again. A future attempt will have to wait until Christmas is out of the way though.

Have a good one and don't eat too much.


PhilipH said...

Nice post Ali. I certainly recall your greyhound trading days and you received a lot of well deserved respect for your success in that field. You moved on to the nags but 'twas never up to the same mark as with the "cherry 'ogs" as Londoner's of my ilk used to call 'em.

Good fortune with the new strategy; it looks promising!

Hope 2014 is a good year for all.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment Phil. I hope you had a good day yesterday.