New Chat Room

Anyone who has tried access the chat room in recent weeks may have noticed that it has been extremely temperamental.

I used CentralChat as my IRC chat host and they've had on going problems for the past two or three months that meant the chat room hosted within the site frequently failed to work. As I use a dedicated IRC client, I hadn't noticed how bad it was until recently - I did wonder why no one was coming in for a natter LOL!

Tonight, I've moved to and the Flash based chat room hosted within the site should be working OK now. Please note that the preferred method for accessing the chat room is to use dedicated IRC chat client software. That way, you never need to visit the site when you only want to visit the chat room.

If you wish to use a client and don't have one, you'll find plenty freely available on the Internet. Enter the following settings into your IRC chat client to connect to the Bet Your Life chat room...

IRC Server:
Port: 6667
Chatroom: #betyourlife

Apologies for any inconvenience caused due to the chat room issues. They should all be resolved now so hope to see you there.

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