A Fond Farewell

It is a sad day today. Goodbyes are never easy but it is time to say a fond farewell to the Chat Room.

Over the past few months, there has been only me with the occasional visitor popping in then buggering off after a few seconds without as much as a "bye your leave". "How wude", as JarJar Binks would say.

In recent years visitor numbers have dwindled to the point where it is no longer worth maintaining.

Though I cannot claim to be the first to introduce a chat room (I pinched the idea many moons ago from the website of those who developed the long defuncted BetIE trading software) there has been a chat room on the various incarnations of the Bet Your Life website long before they became popular with other trading and gambling sites.

Unlike the likes of TradeShark, Trading Football et al, I do not have a service or product to sell. I have no need to provide on-going support, training and mentoring. Users of such services will no doubt benefit greatly from the community that their respective chat room provides.

Strangely, those were the reasons I established a chat room in the first place. The idea that fellow traders could come and exchange ideas and just generally have somewhere to hangout and relieve what can be a somewhat lonely existence was something that I felt was sadly lacking and much needed.

Many others eventually copied the idea. Indeed, I helped a few set up their own and I'm delighted that these have grown into successful communities for their owners even while mine was withering on the vine.

So, goodbye old friend. It's been a blast.

In the meantime, if there is anyone out there that still wants to contact me you can either leave a comment on a post or follow me on twitter @BetYourLifeST. Alternatively, subscribe to the Bet Your Life YouTube Channel.


Unknown said...

I am now following you on YouTube and Twitter.

Doing quite well with your "In-running" idea - thanks for that.

Regards - Robin

Alistair said...

Ah! So you are to blame for my bets not being matched today! :)

Happy to be of help Robin. Don't spend it all at once.

Unknown said...

Went through a torrid-patch over the last 12 months - really do lose my way.

Found "scalping" so difficult; probably me not being as sharp as I should be!

I don't know if you seen this Alastair:


For the AW & sprints it is quite good as if it doesn't workout, at least you will not lose anything.

Regards - Robin

Regards - Robin

Alistair said...

Hi Robin,

Yes I have seen that. I useful idea that has one small problem for me....

It involves a winning trading pre-race to give you the money to play with when laying the field. I gave up on pre-race trading after years of trying to master the art and failing.

Unknown said...

I am sure you could grab a quick £1.00 profit "in-running" and then "lay-the-field" with your expertise.


Alistair said...

Very true, though I'd need to be pretty damn quick in a sprint.