Is it just me or does anyone else think that Wayne Rooney's new pay deal is obscene?

Within the World's top leagues and in the English Premiership in particular there are an awful lot of people and organisations making a hell of a lot of money on the backs of what the top players do on the pitch. It is only right that those players be rewarded with some of that cash. Afterall, their 'career' is a relatively short one - unless your name is Ryan Giggs.

However, £300K per week? Footballers are hardly contributing to the development of the human race. Take away all football tomorrow and life will go on. Can anyone, irrespective of occupation and industry, justifiably earn that sort of money?

Many of the top football clubs are operating with huge debts yet still feed enormous salary bills. It's indicative of many of the distortions in society.

How can one justify those sort of payments with experts in other, in my view more import walks of life, earn a pittance in comparison? I'm thinking of scientists, engineers, nurses... the list is a long one and footballers would be near the bottom of the pile along with politicians and lawyers.

£300K per week? The world truly is fugazi.

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PhilipH said...

I think most people would agree 100% with your comments Ali - and I most certainly do.

It's abominable and definitely obscene.

We were amazed that some locum doctors get £3k for a 12 hour shift in A&E but these tin-god footy 'stars' get 10,000% MORE for kicking a ball around.

Disgusting and disgraceful.