Whether it is Susan Boyle or Elise Christie and a whole host of others in between, when did it become acceptable in Britain for talentless mindless morons to abuse and criticise those that are successful?

The news that Christie has been the subject of abuse on Twitter is shocking. Although it has been reported that Elise has closed her Twitter account as a result, I sincerely hope that the police have been brought in. With the recent conviction of two Twitter bullies in the UK it seems to me that such morons should be relentlessly pursued until the message finally gets through their thick skulls.

The Internet is such a wonderful thing, but it makes it all too easy for such Neanderthals to think they can act with anonymity. They sooner they learn the opposite the better.

I won't hold my breath though.

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PhilipH said...

100% with you on this topic Ali.

I'm at a loss as to why all this slagging off of so many people, including young kids who kill themselves as a result, is allowed. All Twitter and FB accounts must be traceable I would guess and all who post hurtful and abusive comments must be brought to book.

If this is not done then surely it could be argued that the site owners should be held responsible for such despicable traffic.

Regards, Phil