Back Or Lay Performance For Aug 2013 - Jul 2014

That's a year come and gone and a new one about to start so time to post a quick summary of the return for the back or lay picks that I've made available on the blog as well as Twitter.

The graph below shows the cummulative P&L over the year from a standing start of £0. Each bet placed had a liability of £10 and despite showing a poor run mid-season it recovered well to give an ROI of 14.7%

These picks are often good trading material. I don't have records for those as I simply didn't record them. I was too often unable to sit around trading them or they involved selections where the markets had very little money available. You are more than welcome to trade them but I'll keep recording them as straight bets.

With a new season about to start, it's time to reset the counters and do it all over again.

As usual the picks will be posted on the Bet Your Life Sports Trading blog and I'll endeavour to mention on Twitter when they are available.

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