Too Many Distractions

As any house owner will tell you, there's always something needing fixed, decorated, extended, constructed, cleaned or replaced. Maintenance is an ongoing process which, if done in a timely manner, will ensure everything is kept in its optimum condition without costing the earth.

The trouble is this takes a significant amount of time and it is very easy to get distracted. Trading is one of those distractions and with so much sport on the opportunities come thick and fast. It's all too easy to neglect the gardening in order to spend some time with the horses.

As long term readers of this blog will know, trading is a hobby for me. I have never had or will have any desire to do this full time in a professional capacity. Quite frankly, I find it rather boring at times and I doff my cap to those who have managed to make a career out of trading. So, like house maintenance, I also find it pretty easy to get distracted from trading which is why you may find a flurry of videos being uploaded then nothing for ages.

Does this mean I then get it on with the house maintenance? Hell no! As I have so many other interests there will always be something I'd rather be doing than weeding the garden.

For example, as a long term hifi enthusiast I've wanted to built my own amplifier for years but never had the opportunity or the facilities to do so. That's not the case anymore and hopefully will change fairly soon though I'll need to spend some some time getting myself back up to speed with amplifier design. It's been a while.

Similarly, last week I finally got around to buying a Raspberry Pi with the express intention of streaming music from my server through my hifi. Something I'm listening to as I type and it is working beautifully with the whole set up costing less than £50.

I have a friend whose husband spent thousands on a Linn system that does the same thing and which has given them much grief over the years. Having said that, it is working much better now that I've sorted their home network which was installed by the Linn system supplier - a case of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

To cut a long story short, if you don't see any significant activity here, on Twitter or over on the Youtube channel it will be a fair bet I've been distracted.

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