Repeat On Success - New Fairbot Feature

A new version of Fairbot was released a few days ago that has, amongst the usual bug fixes, tweaks and slights modifications, an interesting new feature called 'Repeat On Success'.

In short, if you configure settings so that when placing a bet Fairbot automatically places an 'Offset' closing bet, the 'Repeat On Success' function will stick the same trade into the market if the first trade is successfully completed. You can specify how many times it loops through this process.

This functionality may be useful in high liquidity slow moving markets like big race meetings such as Cheltenham or perhaps trading the draw pre-KO in top level football matches.

I was drawn to it as I thought it might prove useful when employing my in-running scalping technique, particularly in sprint horse races. To that end, I took myself off to the races today and played around in simulation mode. Thirty races later and I'd greened up in every race as you can see.

From this screenshot alone I think you can see that it has great promise and is well worth investigating further.

BTW, half way through the afternoon I recorded a video which is now available on YouTube.


Unknown said...

Look forward to seeing this in "real-time" Alistair.

I have just swopped-over to the new Bet Angel - Trader and liking the software a lot. (It is a cut-down version of Bet Angel but, at only £6.00 a month.)

Regards - Robin

Alistair said...

Interesting Robin. I see there's a trial version of BA Trader. I might just have to download it and see if I can get it running on Linux.

Marcel Renses said...

We are more then one year later now. How did the system peform?


Alistair said...

I cannot say how it performed Marcel. I have not done much trading since last spring as I have had far too much on. Remember, I only trade as a hobby and do not do it full time.