Back Or Lay Picks - Quarterly Summary Aug 2014-Oct 2014

We're now three months in to this year's Back Or Lay selections and it's time to do a quick summary of performance.

Bet TypeNo. Of BetsPts P&L
No Bets7NA

With an ROI of 21.8% I've got to be delighted with the performance of the lays. The backs are another matter.

This whole strategy is based on what I perceive to be value which is partly why the odds range between 1.9 and 2.0 represents a 'No Bet'. It's a grey area that I've never been able to consistently address so I leave it.

I need to check back my records over past seasons to review the performance of the back bets to see if this is a one off, a season anomaly or symptomatic of something a little more consistent that I may have missed in previous years. Certainly if one had ignored my advice and opposed those back bets you'd be looking at a total of 32.6pts for the three months and not 9.5.

I'll carry on recording these as per the plan but if you are following these selections you may want to take note of the above and reduce stakes accordingly.

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