Repeat On Success - Revisited

A couple of months ago I posted some information regarding a new feature within the Fairbot trading software, namely 'Repeat On Success'.

I was primarily interested in using it for in-play race markets, but today I thought I'd give it a whirl in the pre-race markets which proved very interesting. This is the first time I've got involved before the 'off' for months, if not years. I moved to the in-play markets as I just couldn't get the hang of pre-race trading despite many years of trying. I guess it just does not suit my style of trading.

I've not traded for a couple of months in fact due to work commitments and house renovations so I spent the afternoon in simulation mode just to get my eye back in if nothing else.

The image below shows the results while using £50 per bet. I was backing various runners with a 1 tick offset and apart from a losing spell mid-afternoon, I'm very happy with the results. A return of £67 for four hour's work is a reasonable return. More importantly, as this was done pre-race using stakes of £50, it is easily scalable.

More work/practice is needed but today's results are very encouraging. Give it a go yourself. You'll find videos demonstrating the 'Repeat On Success' feature in the video section or on my YouTube Channel.

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