Stephen Lohoar - Showjumper

Currently competing at the Scottish National Equestrian Centre, where my daughter is working.

This ignorant fuck has blocked my daughter in with his horse lorry for over 6 hours. Despite being asked on numerous occasions to move it, he refuses to do so. He simply jumps on another horse and rides off again.

Unfortunately I cannot find a twitter account for him otherwise I would've contacted him directly.

Some people just cannot help being utter arseholes.


PhilipH said...

This bloke sounds like a typical plonker. Sadly, there are plenty of Stephen Lohoar types in this old world.

Facebook is home to many of them, including the plonker you're seeking ;).

Alistair said...

Hi Philip, yes I found him on Facebook but I didn't want to contact him that way.

I hardly use Facebook and even then only for my business. I wanted to lambast him publicly and didn't want my tirade linked to my business account. Such a pity he didn't seem to be on Twitter.

Louise finished work at 4:30pm. She didn't get home until 11:45pm. At least she was was able to entertain herself by watching the showjumping.