Wading Through Treacle

As regular readers will know, all my horse race trading tends to be in-running but this new Betfair API continues to make that more and more difficult.

I've done three races today so far and it's only 14:37 as I type this. Every race has been incredibly sticky with Fairbot not refreshing for up to 10 secs. It is virtually impossible to trade when the API is behaving like this.

The new API has been with us for nearly six months and these issues have been reported to Betfair by loads of traders yet they seem incapable or unwilling to resolve them. It really isn't acceptable. I'm only a small player at this. I hate to think how the professionals are feeling.

Here's a short video I just recorded showing the 14:40 at Towcester on 1st April. April Fool's day indeed.

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