Chat Room Requests

There's been a chat room on the Bet Your Life Sports Trading site since Sept 2007... at least until Feb 2014 when, due to lack of interest, I decided to pull the plug. Since the turn of the year I've had a number of enquiries about it and thought I'd pose the question:

If I brought the chat room facility back, would you actually use it?

I'm well aware that there are now many chat rooms available for traders, primarily provided by suppliers in order to support their products and services. That was never the intent of the original chat room, nor would it be if it was resurrected. I am not peddling any products or services so the chat room would be an independent facility where traders can hang out. Neither would I intend spending much of my time maintaining it.

If that sounds like something you might use then please leave a comment below indicating your interest. If there's enough numbers I'll look to setting one up again.


Anonymous said...

i miss that chat room , even if there was only the both of us in there.


Alistair said...

Well that is one supporter then! Indeed we did have a good flow of info in those days. Unfortunately, with no one else voting in favour it doesn't look like the chat room will be resurrected any time soon. We could always chat over Skype Herman if you are desperate.

Anonymous said...

never desperate, but my skype is nearly always on these days.
I think you have my address

Alistair said...

Well, it has been a month since I posed the question and there has been very little response. As there is no enthusiasm for it, there is clearly no point in bringing it back.