Fairbot Automation Conditions Setting Tips

For those of you who use Fairbot and in particular the new automation facility, I thought I'd bring your attention to some important considerations when configuring a rule.

You must be clear about what you are trying to do and how the market behaves and the way your rule will react to changes in that market. Specific care must be taken when creating any 'conditions' that will trigger your rule to place a bet or trade in the market.

For example, imagine you wanted to back the first runner that fell below odds of 5.0 say. If you refer to the image below you'll see that there's one of three options you can select which, when met, will trigger the rule.

Care must be taken when selecting either 'Back Price', 'Lay Price' or 'Last Traded Price'. This is particularly true if your new rule is going to be used in-running.

Given the large gaps that can rapidly appear and disappear in a fraction of a second, it is quite possible that the money on an outsider may disappear from the market momentarily thus bringing the first available back price below the trigger point of 5.0. If you've selected 'Back Price' as part of the condition's details then the rule will fire and your bet/trade will be placed on the outsider. This may not be what you intended.

In this particular case, it would be better to use 'Last Traded Price' or, though perhaps counter intuitive, 'Lay Price'. I prefer the latter as it guarantees that the runner is definitely trading below your trigger point rather than it being triggered by a large gap in the prices or a momentary spike/dip.

So, make sure you understand your market and be aware which conditional setting would be the better option.

Care must be taken though when testing these in simulation mode. The software can never know if your stake would have been taken in the real market and therefore it has to make some assumptions. In addition, the refresh rate in simulation mode appears to be throttled. If you don't believe me, switch simulation mode off and on close to the off with the refresh rate set to 0.2 secs and compare the rate of change of the numbers in the grid. This will also have an impact on your rule when testing in simulation mode.

After testing, make sure you test in real mode with small stakes until you are satisfied that your rule is behaving as you expected it to.

Back Or Lay Picks 28th-29th June

It's been a while since the last selections, but pickings are always sparse during the summer months. I do have one this weekend for you in Norway though...


These picks should be backed if decimal odds at KO are 2.00 or over.
They should be laid if their odds are at 1.90 or under.

Fairbot Support

I've had a number of requests recently asking for support on using some feature of Fairbot. One determined user managed to track down my mobile number and send me a text message.

I am happy to answer questions directly related to posts I've made or videos I've uploaded but please note I am NOT an employee of Binteko, the developers of Fairbot. Nor am I involved in providing paid support on their behalf. My only connection to them is that I'm a user and I have an affiliate link on the 'Trading Software' page.

If you require assistance using Fairbot I suggest you contact them directly via their contact page on their website. My experience of their support is a positive one and they are usually prompt with their responses.

In the meantime, I'll happily respond to feedback on my youtube channel or blog posts but I'm not here to provide free support for a product for which I have no financial involvement.